Topicbox versus traditional email

Topicbox works just like using your regular email, but takes your messages further. Instead of sending an email one-to-one, or CCing a whole group of people, you send it to your Topicbox group.

With a focus on using email for team communication, Topicbox makes your messages easier to find and use, and puts the flow of messages into the hands of the people who receive it.

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Topicbox – single email address.
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Generic email interface – CC/Reply All.

No more CC or Reply All

When you’re dealing with a group of people – or multiple groups – CC/Reply All gets messy and leads to a poor user experience. Messages get lost in a sea of sharing with seemingly endless responses from a multitude of email addresses.

With Topicbox:

  • Simply send a message to a group and everyone receives it.
  • Group members can reply to existing messages within the group or create a new topic thread.

Move away from manual lists of people’s email addresses and worrying if you’ve forgotten to include someone, every time you send a message. Topicbox avoids the issue of people being included on some messages and not others, ensuring you have a complete history for everyone to see, even if people end up joining a group later.

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Simpler contact management

Traditional email programs are great for one-to-one communication; however, trying to maintain contact and distribution lists for frequent larger-scale group communication quickly becomes inefficient and frustrating.

Using Topicbox means you can easily add or invite group members when you need to. Users can also leave groups or pause email delivery, giving people greater control over their communication and ensuring contact lists stay relevant.

Depending on a group’s settings, people can add themselves to other groups within an organization, which can be great for new team members or use as a staff onboarding tool.

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Segment communication by groups

With a Topicbox group, all information is stored in one place, not locked up in individual inboxes.

Using a group lets you sort discussions in a way that makes sense for your team. And if you bring new people on or transition someone out of a project or organization, messages stay available, even when staff changes. You can also integrate clients and vendors into a group to improve communications across organizations.

Share and search your history

We know that with traditional email, valuable information gets locked up in individual mailboxes, making team information hard to find. Messages get deleted or simply lost amongst an ever-growing amount of email.

Topicbox segments and stores messages by groups into your organization’s shared archive, making messaging history easy to find. A URL for every message lets you link to discussions, making them more shareable than ever before.

And with the News Center and organization-wide search, it’s easy to find discussions and keep up-to-date. You can further refine search by date, additional search terms, and attachments, making information sharing easy.

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Easy access to messages

Topicbox’s modern, clean interface works together with your existing email account in your web browser, including mobile devices.

There’s no software to download; simply log in to your organization’s account to view, post, reply to and search messages. You can also continue to send and receive Topicbox messages from within your preferred email program.

Every message in your organization’s Topicbox gets its own link – included in both the message footer and the Topicbox archive. Refer to an email in your ticketing system, chats, or other tools, and see it in the context of its original conversation!

Get a daily summary

With traditional email, you open your inbox and you’ll immediately see any new emails.

With Topicbox, you can control when and how you digest information. We understand that ‘real-time’ isn’t always the best time, so we created the daily summary feature – a snapshot of all your groups’ activity in one easy-to-read digest.

You can choose to receive a daily summary for any Topicbox group you’re a member of, making it a great way to get insight into what’s happening across your organization.

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