About Topicbox

Topicbox is a new group email product for teams, developed by Fastmail, one of the longest operating email services the world over.

Like Fastmail, Topicbox was designed from the ground up to modernize the group email experience, while offering users the highest levels of deliverability, reliability, ease of use and native language interface support.

Before we created Topicbox, we relied heavily on our own email archives to find information from past discussions, whether it was days, months, or years ago.

Email history – our team memory – was locked away in our individual mail boxes.

As our own company grew, that history was lost for new hires. The discussions were all there, but no one has time to go back and curate them. Staff additions either asked around, or did without information that could have helped do their jobs.

With our company values firmly in mind, we set out to solve the problem, and redefine what a mailing list can be.

Teams put their best information in email every day. We want to help them use it.

We can honestly say Topicbox makes team history discoverable, email archives more searchable, and collaboration easier – because we use it every day.

Built on years of experience

Founded in 1999, Fastmail is a team with two decades of experience running listservs in production. Today we provide a suite of products, to help you and your organization connect better through email. We actively partipate in standards development, deliverability and anti-spam efforts, and have decades of collective experience in email. Topicbox sets a new benchmark for group email both now and into the future.

Great support

As a product of Fastmail, Topicbox provides the same passionate customer-focused support. We love our customers and pride ourselves on bringing the best email experience to all of our users.

We’re also here to help you with any email issues you might have. We handle millions of messages daily, and we love to share our expertise with our customers!

Media and company inquiries

Find out more about us on our media page, or contact us at press@fastmail.com.

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