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A better way to use email

Take email beyond CC/Reply All, with just one email address to reach everyone. Avoid manually maintaining contact lists or forgetting to include people on important messages. Topicbox works with your existing email account, reducing the need for yet another platform.

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Do your best work
sharing information

Teams do their best work sharing knowledge. Don’t lock up valuable information in just a few people’s inboxes, share it with everyone using Topicbox. Send messages when you want, and your team can read them when they want.

Clearer communication starts with groups

In Topicbox, you use groups to categorize information. Create as many groups as you need for every project, team or event – one address connects your entire group. If you’ve used channels for chat, then you’ll love groups for email!

Simplify your inbox

Give your team a break from noisy alerts and ‘always on’ chat. Choose message preference frequency for each group – immediately, once a day, or archived on the web to browse or search for later.

Ideal for working
across timezones

Unlike chat, email isn’t dependent on real-time interaction. Include everyone in your most important discussions, regardless of location and timezone. You can also integrate external clients and vendors into your groups for easier collaboration.

One place for all your
important information

Topicbox creates a central, shared history of every message in the News Center. Messages are displayed by group and are fully searchable for easy access. See all recent activity at a glance with daily, weekly and monthly highlights.

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