Supercharge your email discussions

Boost your team’s knowledge with a powerful shared archive.

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Turn team email into group knowledge

Don’t lose your best information emailing it person to person.
Build a central, shared history for every project.

Refine-as-you-go search lets you zero in on what you need.

Retired groups are searchable, so history isn’t lost as projects end.

Onboarding staffers and team members get a living knowlege base.

Topicbox is great for email transparency – make sharing standard.

How it works

Create Topicbox groups for all of your different group email discussions such as teams, projects and events.

Set up your groups

A group has an online history of its discussions and one address to reach all members, like If a group’s project ends, retire it.

Control access and privacy

You determine and share access, from who can see groups exist to who can create them. Add members yourself, or let them join the groups they want.

Members control message flow

Help your team curb information overload. On each group, they can choose immediate emails or a daily summary, or catch up on the web.

Why group email is good for work

Chat is great for building team spirit, but
it’s not the best place for meaningful conversation.


Stay on track, not on chat 24/7. Topicbox lets you read and reply on your own schedule.


People take more time to gather their thoughts over email. Topicbox gives your team space to respond in kind.


Chat is noisy, and key comments can get lost. Topicbox groups make sure all members see your point.


Not everyone is online at the same time. Having important discussions on Topicbox lets all group members participate.

More powerful team communication
begins with Topicbox

Get more from the email your organization already produces every day.

With so many forms of messaging and communication around, who wants to add one more? Email is a robust, inclusive platform that works no matter who or where you are. Topicbox builds on the parts of email people love, and puts the power to control its flow in users' hands.

Topicbox was developed by the team behind FastMail, Pobox, and Listbox. It powers our global team, and we truly believe it will work for yours, too.

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