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How it works

  • Mail your group at one address, like team@yourcompany.topicbox.com
  • You control access, so the right people see it
  • Read messages in Topicbox or your own Inbox
  • Your team shares its archive, so history never gets lost

Unleash your team’s
collective wisdom

Sort and store knowledge by team, project or topic. Your organization’s News Center gives you an up-to-the-minute overview.

Discover the collaborative power of email transparency.

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Make better decisions
anytime, anywhere

Give teams in any location a chance to contribute when they are online. Reference any email conversation with a simple web link.

Onboarding done right

Give new team members history and context from day one. Share institutional knowledge with access to the right topics plus a powerful search.

One address to email
the right people, every time

Endless CC lists drop people out (or force people in!). Share better knowing the right group gets the message.

Learn how Topicbox takes email beyond CC.

Team members choose
what to see and when

Give people the flexibility to subscribe to topics of interest, and customize if they’d like messages right away or in a daily summary.

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